Ginastera’s Piano Concerto No. 1

The highly anticipated third volume in Juanjo Mena’s Ginastera series is now available on Chandos.

In his final year as BBC Philharmonic’s Chief Conductor, Juanjo Mena completes a highly-acclaimed Ginastera series with this third volume. Like in his previous series ‘La Musica de España’, Mena brings the composer’s creative genius to a more deserved fame, showcasing here three works that belonged to three different period of his compositional life.

While the Concierto Argentino is the most significant score of his early years, drawing directly on Argentinian folk music and full of youthful exuberance, the Variaciones Concertantes (more a concerto for orchestra than a set of variations) assumes a more personal and abstract form in accordance with the development of his harmonic ideas in the later stage of his life.

The rhythmic energy and magic scoring of the ‘neo-expressionist’ piano concerto (as Ginastera defined the third phase of his life) is faithfully expressed by the highly technical and virtuosic playing of Xiayin Wang, widely praised for her recent solo recording of piano works by Enrique Granados.


Concerto No.1, Op.28 (1961)

1. Cadenza e varianti
2. Scherzo allucinante. Veloce
3. Adagissimo. Tempo molto flessible - Movendo, un poco agitato
4.Toccata concertata. Presto


Variaciones concertantes, Op.23 (1953) †

5. Tema per Violoncello ed Arpa. Adagio molto espressivo
6. Interludio per Corde. L'istesso tempo
7. Variazione giocosa per Flauto. Tempo giusto
8. Variazione in modo di Scherzo per Clarinetto. Vivace
9. Variazione drammatica per Viola. Largo
10. Variazione canonica per Oboe e Fagotto. Adagio tranquillo
11. Variazione ritmica per Tromba e Trombone. Allegro
12. Variazione in modo di Moto perpetuo per Violino. L'istesso tempo
13. Variazione pastorale per Corno. Largamente espressivo
14. Interludio per Fiati. Moderato
15. Ripresa dal Tema per Contrabasso. Adagio molto espressivo
16. Variazsione finale in modo di Rondo per Orchestra. Allegro molto


Concierto argentino (1935)

17. Allegretto cantabile - Andantino - Tempo I - Andantino - Cadencia - Tempo
18. Adagietto poético
19. Allegro rústico - Presto